Saturday, August 13, 2011

Missing My Little Guy

I've missed my little guy so much lately! It feels like all I've been doing lately is working and sleeping. So it was nice to spend the full day with him today. I'll blog more on what happened today, but I just thought I'd share some iPod/Instagram pics of our day!
Enjoying a swing!

Action shot! He's going so fast he's blurry!

Watching diggers at the end of a long day!

He spends a LOT of time with Gus lately!

Pretty kitty

Gourmet supper because we were both tired, hot, and lazy...
Supper of champions...I mean lazy wives who don't wanna cook. Supper on a hot day!!

Ready to brush!
Ready to brush my teeth!!

And bath!
Bath time is fun!
Night night! Off to the lake tomorrow...sure to be a long day for all of us, but lots of fun!
P.S. We watched Life As We Know It tonight with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel...I don't wanna get into details, but it is so hard to watch these kinds of movies now that we have too?