Friday, August 5, 2011


Just a few iPod pictures...because quite frankly I haven't been around much! 32 hours down at work and 24 hours to go - two 12 hours shifts this weekend.

He hardly pays any attention to the TV (other than Diggers) but I refuse to turn on the Tree House channel so I turned on Retro Toon channel and he watched a bit of The Jetsons!
Watching a classic #TheJetsons! Screw you and your annoyingness Tree House!
Daddy and the husky are home!
Gus in the window sill
Braden had his 18 month shots yesterday so we stopped by Joy's to have a nap and to kill time before I had to go to work and Jay oculd come pick up Braden.
The little guy is just tuckered out after his 18m shots. 24.5 lbs 31.5"!
Jumping with cousin Luke
Speaking of can look to the left under Braden's Stats or click here to read the updated 18 month update!