Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Visit From Grammie & Landscaping

Two very seemingly unrelated things, I know! Kind of random, yes! But nonetheless, my mom came for another visit, it's been so nice to have her here so much this summer because it's allowed me to work so much and that even if Jay's home to watch Braden, it can allow Jay to work and do what he needs to do to get done...so there! That's the connection of this post, I feel a lot better about it now, don't you? ;)

So I made some cookies and Braden reaped the benefits of licking the cookie dough off the beater. He might not look impressed or happy, but trust me he was! I think he was just so deep in concentration...
He is getting really good (at times) with being patient and playing with my iPod or Mom's iPad. He knows how to touch and swipe the screen and says "uh oh" immediately upon hitting the home button. He was playing the "Sing-a-ma-Jigs" app here...
Nummy Yummy Lunch!
My Sweet Boy
There's Daddy in the skid-steer loader!
Retaining Wall
Picnik collage
Braden & Gram
We're (and by we, I pretty much mean Jay!) working on the retaining wall which is on the west side of our house right below the deck where the stairs will be...one day. It is a BIG project and here is the before picture:
Retaining Wall
I'm glad I have a handy DIY hubby at home! Thanks for the visit, Grammie!

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