Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Braden is 20 Months Old!

So...I guess that's just 4 months away from 2 years old?!? Thanks for pointing that out, by the way, Laura!
20 Months Old
19 Months Old
He has grown and changed so much this month! This month of growth for not only physically but developmentally has been the fastest since his first month!

New Braden things:
  • Calls his blankie "duckie" now...even though he calls ducks "duckies" too
  • Can point out a cow in a book, on the TV, or in read life and say "moo"
  • Spins around in a circle when he is looking for someone or something with his palms up in the air. HILARIOUS!
  • He is getting very good at communicating his needs/wants. He can answer a lot of yes/no questions and has even started saying "no?" sometimes when I ask him to do something :)
  • He calls both of his Grandpa's "Papa" now, so cute!
  • He can do the all the actions for "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" except shoulders
  • Loves it when I play "This Little Piggy" with his toes & he repeats the action and plays with his toes after
  • Plays "Braden? Where are you?" usually in the bathtub at Mom's. It's adorable...he can say his name pretty darn good! (see below)
  • He can pick up a camera, look through it as if to take a picture, and say "cheese" he's learning well!
  • New words:
    • thank you (tha coo)
    • excuse me (scoo me)
    • turtle 
    • cheese (cheeeeeee)
    • how you doin'? (how doin'?) SO STINKIN' CUTE! [video/post soon!]
    • bum, he even said to me once with a really wet diaper "MY BUM MOM!"
    • Bob [as in, Bob the Builder]
    • bubble
    • doctor
    • diaper
    • Lukey (Ookey, Dukey...this is the first cousin's name he's been able to say!)
  •  Teeth - finally got the 4th front bottom tooth! Drooling like CRAZY when he has his fingers in his mouth, so we still have the 4 eye teeth to go, I can't see any teeth buds
  • Sleeping is very consistent. Goes down for his nap from 12 - 2:30/3 and goes to bed 6:30-7:00PM until 7:00 AM and babbles until we get him up at about 7:30. AWESOME!
  • Has had two really goopy, gross runny noses already this fall :(
  • He would live outside if we let him
  • Still loves Thomas but also likes Bob the Builder now (Thomas follows me on Twitter - how cool!)
I'm really enjoying this age again right now. We have our moments where he makes this awful "uh-uh-uh-uh!" whiney sound where I know he wants something and just won't tell me, then I have to remember that I'm the adult, take a deep breath, ask him what he wants...he tells me and we can move on with our bad selves! He is such a sweetheart and still a big goof!

A lot of family members have been saying "he sure doesn't miss much, does he?" If you show him something once. He'll remember. The last time we were at Mom's, Ben showed Braden how to make music with the intake vents...and Braden was upstairs doing the same thing this time! Not much gets by him! Here's what he did this AM while I cleaned, watched some George:
Enjoying his George as Mommy cleans!!
And here's a little snippit right at the beginning of the clip of him saying "Braden". He was sitting on my nightstand (stinker!) and was playing the "Braden? Where are you?" game! If you listen closely it's RIGHT at the beginning. I tried to get him to say it again, but no the rest of the video is kinda pointless!

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  1. SO ADORABLE! Wish we could get together! :)

  2. He's such a little man! He's changed so much from last month!!! and I think all kids that age could live outside if we let them! :)

  3. too stinkin cute!! it is amazing how fast they change!

  4. So cute and he def looks bigger!

  5. he is just so cute!!! he reminds me of my son with that hair!

  6. I love this little man so very very much!!

  7. He also said to me, "No not 'tinky'!" When I was changing his bum. I said, "Braden... are you stinky?" took his diaper off and said, "No! Not stinky!" Then he said that!

  8. His little face looks so grown up this month. So much more toddler vs baby face :)

  9. Hi I'm a new follower .. not sure why I wasn't already following you! This is a great post and I love the pictures!! I bet you will be so happy you did this when your baby is a little older! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes


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