Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ikea & A Toddler

Am I crazy? A little bit. But we did have Uncle Ben & Auntie Jess to help us! On a Saturday morning, no less! We thought if we got there pretty much right when it opened that it wouldn't be that busy...wrong! I bought Braden the cutest little monkey-leash backpack and he did so good with it!
Trying out the leash!

Daddy was a leash baby, and now so is Braden. Jay posted on Facebook yesterday under this picture:
"Hehe, that boys gonna go far... In the future... For now he's stuck on a leash."
How true! He actually did REALLY well with it. It allowed him to run around, but for mommy to literally have a hold on him! Then we found this awesome steering wheel...steering wheels are one of Braden's favorite things

He might have cried a little bit when we told him "all done" and we had to keep moving...but in all honesty, for a 19 month old, to cry a bit (not even a hissy fit) just to walk away from said item...really not bad at all! Ben and Jess needed a desk, so we played on the spinney office chairs and even put some work in on the fake computers!
Just another day at the office! #ikea

By the time we were done shopping it was mightly close to nap time and he'd already had a snack and drink so thankfully Auntie Jess took Braden out of the line-up and distracted him until we were done. Braden barely made it home awake, but he did and had an awesome 3 hour nap! He's still getting over a head cold and cough but sleeping really well (praise, GOD!) Then Ben & Jess came back out to Mom & Dad's and spent the afternoon with us and had pizza and stayed for a movie.
Watching Thomas with @bburrell
So that's my little blurb on our trip to Ikea with my toddler! Definitely will never do that by myself!
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  1. That was a fun day! Wish we could do that more often!

  2. we have the same monkey leash! Our son loves it! He'll ask for us to put it on him. I love it because it gives him freedom/independence, but I can still control him if need be!

  3. I just love the monkey backpack with the leash. Where can I buy that?


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