Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Night With Josh Groban

This was our second time seeing Josh, and I think he was even better the second time around. Isn't he cute, too?

The thing about Josh Groban is...he's not only an amazing singer, but he's such a good entertainer, and quite the comedian too. My SIL Jess mentioned to my brother Ben that me and Laura were going to Josh Groban. Ben (my music snob of a brother) didn't even know who Josh Groban was. So, Jess showed him on YouTube. When we went out for supper last night, my brother confessed that he was going to post a YouTube video of Finch, a band which I used to love in high school/university and make fun of me as to what I like now. Jay calls bands like Finch my "angry music". I still have that stuff on my iPod and like to listen to it on the way to work occasionally! :) But, as Ben mentioned he didn't want to start a war because I very well could post on his Facebook that he used to listen to Spice Girls....oops! (Your move, Ben!)

Anyway...the spotlights were so bright on Josh that I couldn't get a decent picture with my iPod. Laura got us amazing row 3 seats and there was a centre stage which was awesome!
Josh. Groban!!!
But I did get some amazing videos. He started with one of my faves "February Song".

And then "You Are Loved"

Now onto the comedic part. Laura and I were a little late (as per Schultz tradition) so we missed our chance to text Josh a question. Well, this girl named Sarah (whom I pretended was me) said that he was really good at impromptu, and could he sing a song about her? This is what happened...

Then another audience member asked him to sing some Kanye tweets as she saw on Jimmy Kimmel.

I, of course, had to YouTube this the next morning...what a guy!

I bet a lot of you didn't know, that Josh got his career started on one of me and my Dads favorite shows, Ally McBeal...

So there you have it! Been a Josh fan for years so THANK YOU, Laura for inviting me to the concert! Let's go again when he's back next time!!
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  1. it's a date! he's so awesome. maybe one day (years from now) we can see him perform in NYC WHEN (not if) we go.


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