Friday, September 9, 2011

Y3W: The Imposter Blankie!

I have wanted to do this since the spring. I contacted the Etsy seller who made Braden's beloved blankie that was gifted to him by my dear friend Marie. She was in the process of moving so the order got delayed, then she made them and lost them, so the order got delayed...but FINALLY a few weeks ago, they came!
The back up blankies have arrived, but he says "no!" and knows they're imposters :(

Two back-up blankies! I knew that they would be a bit darker, she said she was out of the lighter fabric, which was fine...but I was not impressed that they are smaller than the original. When they arrived I was so excited and made a big whoopie deal about them and showed him and right away he looked, analyzed a bit, and threw it to the ground and said "no!". IMPOSTER! It is amazing to me how he knew!

My experience on wanting to get Braden back-up blankies started when we were at my parent's house, Braden got pukey sick while Jay and I were at a movie, Mom had to frantically wash his beloved blankie and he was beside himself, poor little guy. So finally a few mere weeks ago they arrive and he wants nothing to do with them. Poop. Mommy fail.


TODAY! For some reason today he just took to a new blankie! I think he finally appreciated the brand new softness of the minky loveliness that is the new blankie! This child loves soft things! Blankets, cats, clothing...looooooooves it all! See how much he loves his blankie (and Gus)? Whom he now calls "duckie" yet he also knows that an actual duck is a duckie too...weirdo! :)
A Boy & His Kitty
He was almost 13 months old in that picture. Where does the time go, people? Seriously!
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  1. That last picture is just the sweetest, cutest thing ever!

    And yay! for B finally accepting the new blankies!!!

  2. Adorable picture! I'm glad he likes it now :)

  3. He is too cute! Love the blankie!

  4. i love that cat too. it's insane how fast the time goes by! he's going to be 2 in the blink of an eye.


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