Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are Your Smart Phone Pictures Safe to Post Online?

Ever wonder who really sees this stuff we post online? My friend Natalie forwarded me this YouTube video and it freaked me out. If you know me, I never read forwards...almost all of them get deleted before I read the first sentence, but I'm glad I watched this 4 minute video. It's a problem that's really easy to fix, but you should still watch this video...

So, in the video they mentioned the website I Can Stalk U. Please CLICK THIS LINK and they will tell you how to change your settings if you don't already know how. It's a simple solution and luckily the geotagging on my BlackBerry camera was already turned off! We're in a pretty remote-ish area, but I'm not taking any chances! I'm actually pretty sure a few months ago I was tweeted an "I Stalked U" tweet and it freaked me I just deleted/blocked the user. Now I have a solution to that problem!
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  1. Yikes! Thats why I have a "dumb" phone.

  2. Oh my! I never knew! Thanks for posting this, I was able to turn off my location services! That's so crazy!


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