Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Light Bulb Moment

As many of you know, this age with Braden has been a bit trying for me. To top it off he's had a head cold for almost a week and he still has those 5 teeth to cut, his hands are always in his mouth and he's a river of drool when they are. That just has to bug him, right?
I had a light bulb moment today.
I have the sweetest boy ever. In the world. At least in my world.
Braden came up to me, out of nowhere to day and hugged me. Then later today before bedtime he grabbed my face and planted a big wet one on my lips, on purpose. I can't remember if I actually blogged about it before, but since our last trip to Edmonton, Braden's sweetness has doubled. By that, I literally mean he has the warmest heart and such a kind soul. He is so sweet.

So should I really waste my energy on being frustrated and upset that he is still such an inconsistent eater? Or that I'm pulling him off the dining room table for the 3rd time in an hour? Probably not. I really don't even care that he's not eating a's probably because he's not feeling that well, because when he is "himself" he eats like a little horse. I'm worried more so for nutrition's sake. But at the same time, can we force feed our children? Nope.

[Don't worry, readers...this isn't going to turn into a "ranting" blog!]

Here's my sweet boy on the combine today...
Picnik collage
Harvest 2011
Harvest 2011
Harvest 2011

Sweet things:
  • singing "E-I-E-I-O" (Old MacDonald) for the first time today
  • trying to do "Head & Shoulders" actions as I sing the song
  • spinning around in a circle with his palms and shoulders out "looking" for someone or something and blabbering in his special Braden/toddler language "I don't know? Where is Daddy? Where did he go?"
  • bringing the phone to me almost every morning saying "hi, Daddy!" so we can call Daddy to say hi
  • saying "nice kitty" or "nice puppy" as he gently pets the animals and gives them hugs and kisses
  • giving the biggest belly laughs you've ever heard out of a toddler as his Papa Schultz chases him around the kitchen island every night at supper
  • rattling the baby gate at the back of the house saying "Daddy! Go see Daddy!" every afternoon
I could go on and on.

So whenever I'm frustrated and whining about Braden not eating or climbing on my tables or doing NORMAL toddler things...can you remind me to read this post?

Give me some love and leave me a comment...they're dwindling these days! :)

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  1. he is very sweet. enjoy this sweetness and soak it up. they change too much too fast. Luke is still a sweety but definately not like he was at Bradens age.


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