Friday, September 2, 2011

More of Our Favorite Books

Braden is loving his books more, and more, and more. This makes my heart happy because I love it when he happily brings me a book, turns around, and plops himself in my lap to have it read too him. He's actually getting quite the preference to his books too. Asides from my earlier post on some of his favorite books, here are some more favorites that he always brings to us:
I was actually quite surprised that he started bringing Green Eggs & Ham to's quite a long book and the pictures aren't really that exciting, until he saw this picture:
"Choo choo!" He loves this book, JUST for that I'm pretty sure! So I was super happy when I found this book at Costco:
It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I just couldn't help myself! Yesterday when I gave it to him, we read it 3 times before his nap! He just loved it and it's really simple reading and rhyming...which the "more advanced" Thomas books certainly are not!

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