Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Review & Giveaway: Londonware - CLOSED

I love entering giveaways on blogs and I have actually been successful lucky and won 2! I won a $25 gift certificate to Sugar Locks from my friend Ashley over at The Stauffer Shenanigans and I just recently won a Tommee Tippee newborn starter kit and breast pump from Mommas Gone City! How amazing is it to win free stuff just for being a blog lover? Well...I wanted to give back to the blogging community, I'd been thinking long and hard as to who I would have the guts get the courage to ask if they would be doing a giveaway on my lil' old blog? Then I saw that Jess at Here Comes the Sun was doing a Londonware giveaway. *light bulb moment* I love Londonware! I bought a few of Wendy's fabulous fleece diaper covers off of her Etsy shop back when Braden was 6 months old when I was looking for a better nighttime solution for Braden's cloth diapers as he kept leaking! Wendy was happy to do a giveaway on my blog, especially because I am a repeat customer!
First Fleece Soaker
Awww what a cute little 6 month old Braden!

Fleece wicks away moisture and it is oh so cozy and soft! That being said, Braden was such a heavy wetter at the time that fleece alone didn't work as a nighttime cover for us, I had to resort to PUL covers. Fast forward to present day and while we have no nighttime leaks, my solution now is comfort. For some reason the PUL covers are leaving deep red marks on Braden's poor thighs most mornings :( Ouch, mommy fail! I must fix this for my little man. *light bulb moment* Londonware! I am going to try fleece again. It's so soft and cushy - bye bye red marks!

So I ordered Braden the same print as shown above and it is SO cute! He says "loaders" when he sees the construction equipment on it.
Picnik collage
Hanging out in his new @lomdonware fleece #clothdiapers cover!

Londonware Information
"Londonware offers Fleece diaper covers, skirties, shorties and longies. To help go green we also sell reusable sandwich and snack bags. For a complete list of fabric selection please see anti-pill fleece collection and other fleece prints.
Become a Facebook fan to get special discounts and giveaways:
Proud member of the ETSY CLOTH DIAPER TEAM. Visit
I love to do custom work so if there is anything that you don't see and would like just convers with me and I will make it for you.
I ship international. Just let me know where you are from so we can get the most accurate shipping price. All international shipping will be shipped 1st class unless otherwise arranged."
I also wanted to make a special note to my disposable diaper using friends/readers - still enter to win this! Use it over your disposables for those leaks that can happen overnight or gift it to a friend! I used 'sposies on Braden for the first month of his life and had yucky leaks overnight and the number 1 piece of advice I got from people was to "use a cover". This is your chance to win a free one!

Win!- This giveaway is for 1 fleece diaper cover of your choice from Londonware. All sizes eligible: newborn, small, medium, large, extra-large. The entries for the giveaway will close in 1 week on October 27, 2011 at midnight EST.

How to Enter - This is a Rafflecopter giveaway, please click the "read more" link below or click on the post title above to get to the widget. It is mandatory to do the first step (visit Londonware & tell me which print you want, and leave a comment on this blog) and then you can fill out the rest of the form for more entries. You might want to just do that now to get that step out of the way! (More entries = more chances to win!)

Questions/Confused? - Please email me at and I'd be happy to help!

A note for new users to Rafflecopter - be sure to click the "click for instructions" link in the entry box and it'll explain everything, I've found it very helpful when entering giveaways!

You can share this giveaway daily on Twitter and Facebook so come back every day for more entries! As part of the Top Baby & Top Mommy Blog rules I cannot ask you to vote for us for extra entries...but if you could just vote for the heck of it, that'd be really swell!

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  1. Oh, I would love to win this. WHat an awesome review as well!

  2. I love the "splash of spring" cover!! It would look too cute on Brooklyn's little bum!!

  3. I would love the Sweet in Pink! It would match the newest pair of baby legs I picked up just last week :) but you're also going to have to tell me more about diaper covers and what to use them with!

  4. I would like the zoo animals one, too cute!

  5. Just ran across your blog and am in love =) I'm excited to follow - i too am married to a farmer and i just started my nursing school adventure.

  6. I love the sweet in pink! So cute!

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  8. I like sweet in pink. So cute!

  9. I love the prints: Geo Craze, Mickey, Jungle Fun, Red and Black Plaid, Zoo Silhouette, Monkey and Moon, and It's a Jungle out there. I couldn't just say one... they are so cute!

  10. My favorite is the It's a Jungle print :)

  11. I love the red and black plaid print

  12. Love be my valentine and the interlocking circles!

  13. I love the interlocking circles! it could work for a girl or a boy!

  14. Super cute!! I'd love the sweet in pink

  15. I like the pink and brown "Sweet". It's so cute!

  16. My favorite is Butterflies on Brown (if I had a boy it would be the schcoolboy one probably). My daughter, who is almost five, loves the pink skirtie.

  17. I would get the Jungle Fun Fleece Diaper Cover I think in size in medium.

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