Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Token Pinterest Post

If you follow other blogs like I do, there's been a lot of buzz on Pinterest lately. What is Pinterest? Well they describe themselves as:
Pinterest is an online pinboard.
Organize and share things you love.
It's awesome. You can have an assortment of boards and "pin" anything and everything to them. I have baking, cooking, photography, Braden, funny name it! Well, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite has really inspired me to try new recipes and I will also be crafting a lot one day too, I hope!

Twice baked potatoe casserole. I made these as a side when I had my inlaws over...and they were a BIG hit! It's essentially like a baked potatoe in a casserole dish - devilishly good!

Baked spaghetti with cream cheese. This was supper last night and it was YUMMY! I will tweak it a bit next time I make it, but Jay said it's better than our "usual" spaghetti!

Chicken parmesan bake. Again, very yummy but I will tweak it next time to make it even better!

And some decorating! I did my version of this, this year.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Love this idea for Christmas ornaments!

They have lots of sewing tutorials and I will learn to sew one day!

And some stuff I want to do with/for Braden!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Cool Star Wars art!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

So those are a few of my favorites. Jay even asked last night, " this a recipe from Pin-something?" :) You know you've been Pinning too much when....! Pinterest is addicting, some may say it's a waste of time, but I LOVE it! They've got a great app for iPhone/iPods too!

If you want, you can follow me on Pinterest!
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  1. That spaghetti looks super yummy and the chicken parm bake! Love a good casserole! I'm obsessed with Pinterest too!


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