Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potty Learning

I think we're supposed to call it learning vs. training, now...right? Seems about right, especially for a 21 month old! We bought a little plastic potty from Ikea for like $5. It's perfect, and Braden loves his "dotty". He sits on it all the time clothes on, or off. A few months ago he sat down on it, fully clothed...and farted. I was a proud mama. He was getting the idea of it...right? Then, on Halloween night...a small, tiny miracle fluke.

Braden's under-the-costume diaper was quite soggy, so I took it off and let him go commando until bed time. I figured if he had an accident, I'd just clean it up. Well, he kept grabbing at his boy bits, so I was unsure if that meant he wanted to go pee, or if he was just happy that the boy bits had some freedom from the confinement of a diaper! Jay and I kept asking him if he needed to go pee on the potty and he would say "no". He usually says no to most things, so we took it with a grain of salt. He knows what the potty is...but he doesn't know what it's for yet.

Then, all of a sudden, he took off like a shot to the bathroom. I could hear his potty sliding along the floor, so I ran, helped him pull down his pants and helped him sit on his potty. And then...a fart! And another fart! "Yay, Braden! Good boy - wayta go!!!"

He stood up...and low and behold... tiny, little poop!

"Jay, Jay, JAY!!! Braden did it! He pooped on the potty! Quick, get a cookie, a treat, a candy...SOMETHING!"

So Jay came running to meet us, Braden was literally jumping for joy with pride, and he ate his first Smartie ever, in celebration of his first poop on the potty! Then we called his "Poppy" (my mom) and told her the good news. I always figured if he ever peed/pooped on the potty and we make a big stinkin' deal of it, he'd want to do it again - he loves to be praised!

I know it was a fluke, but ever since then...he wants to sit on the potty and he even makes "bearing down/grunting" noises. I'm pretty sure he knows that he can poop on the potty now...but whether or not he actually comes to get us or wants to do it again...only time will tell! Having big cousin Luke over sure helps, because Braden watches Luke go on the potty and wants to be just like him. Braden's tolerance/attention span doesn't make for much patience to actually sit on the potty though! So come the time for actual serious potty training...I think we'll have to position the potty in front of the TV and enlist the help of Bob and Thomas! Also...we'll probably have to load up on lots of fluids!

Yop!!! His new favorite treat!In all honesty...I'm giving him Bob apple juice so he'll get off my back. Rough day for Braden :(
But for now...we're just learning! :) How about some votes for Braden? Click on the buttons below my name!
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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You little guy is adorable! I'm following!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I too bought the same potty chair from Ikea because there were times I changed a dirty diaper on my daughter and could tell she still needed to poop. So now, I just set her on the chair.


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