Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a...

Once again, nope, it's not me! I'm going to be an aunt to what will certainly be a beautiful baby girl! Remember when I kinda tricked you all with this post when I told you Ben & Jess were expecting? Well, Braden is going to have a girl cousin before, on, or around my birthday! It would be absolutely insane and awesome if my only brother has a baby girl on my birthday! Because I had a baby boy on his birthday! Here's my niece!
Jess said she was just lounging with her hands behind her head for most of the ultrasound! It was nice to celebrate with some girl baby shopping. Here is my first gift for baby girl from Carter's!
Here's some other really cool gender reveal ideas that I found on Pinterest!

Source: flickr.com via Christy on Pinterest

Did you do anything special or unique to reveal the sex of your baby?
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  1. Congratulations!! Girl clothes shopping is so dangerous!! So much more so than boys. Have fun!

    I love all the gender reveal stuff! If I'm not brave enough to be team green the next go 'round I'm totally doing something fun like this. I've heard of people opening an envelope or gender revealing gift (sleeper, blanket, etc.) on Christmas as their gift to themselves for the year. And I've seen people do a milkshake at some fancy schmancy ice cream place, and a waitress brings it to the table, rather than the cake idea.

  2. Congratulations!!! Watch out: the pink sucks you in! :)

    We found out during an emergency ultrasound, decided we couldn't wait to tell the family (we had a gender reveal plan -- balloons on the mailbox) gathered everyone (our parents and my brother) for pizza after we left the hospital just grinned and said, "It's a GIRL!"

  3. Congratulations!!!!! After twin boys, our baby girl was for sure celebrated. You'll be an awesome aunt. Come over and link some of your ideas to my Pinterest favorites today!

  4. !!!!!!!

    Ben and I couldn't be more happy and excited to invite this little bean into our world - but we're also so happy that this child will be loved by so many. We're so dang lucky!!


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