Monday, December 5, 2011

This is Why You DON'T Want a Husky!

We love our girl. Oh yes we do...but will we ever get another husky again? Heck no! I can't even give you a guestimate as to how much money we've put into this dog. First there was the initial cost to buy a CKC registered pure bred dog. then we bought an outdoor kennel to keep her in so she'd have a safe place we could leave her as a puppy, then she started running away, then she got porcupine quills, then she ran so much she hurt her back right foot which needed xrays, rest, and pain killers, then she found another porcupine and another (and another), then she cut her foot on something in the farm yard, then she ran and ran some more, got caught by the county mounty and we got we decided to make our LAST investment in this dog. Because as you might recall from that aforementioned post, we didn't want to chance spending over $500 to get her back! So I did my research and ended up purchasing this from eBay:
Picnik collage
The selling point for me was the husky on the box. It has to work on huskies if there's a husky on the box, right??? RIGHT?!

So being the dedicated husky parents that we are, we laid out the last of the boundary wire last week in at least a foot of it was windy and cold out. I gotta give Jay all the credit, if it weren't for him, it wouldn't be done. He's VERY motivated and likes to get these projects done, so I was happy going to help him get it done! Just say a little prayer for us that it works! Kihei's training starts this week! Here's a few pics of our bored husky girl. At least Taz comes over to play with her now...
Taz & Kihei
Haha using bubble wrap from yesterday's mail as a bed! #sillyhusky It may not look like it but shes intently watching a wolf documentary on Oasis!
[Playing with Taz, using bubble wrap as a bed, watching a wolf documentary on Oasis!]

So will we really never get a husky again? Probably not...but if this fence works well for her...then maybe we'll be able to get another husky one day!

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  1. He is sure is cute though! My sister in law has a husky too and encounters some problems. She has the fence that she got last CHristmas.

  2. She is so cute! Yes, dogs in general are expensive, but at the end of the day I just love their sweet faces and how they love you unconditionally. I hope the fence works for her.

  3. I say the same thing about boxers... never again... but I don't believe it.


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