Sunday, December 4, 2011


Curly for my night shift!My fave scrub top! Live me some giraffes...if you hadn't already noticed!

I saw this "Currently" post on Chelsey's blog this week. And, I'm also always down for a little themed blog fun.

It's what I'm currently doing... Monday night/Tuesday morning....

Obsessing over: My to do list before Christmas. I'll finally get our Christmas cards/letters out on Monday after Walmart cropped off both pictures I want to put with the letter. I know it's still early, but I usually have them ready to go and be mailed by December 1st! I have done NO Christmas baking, other than sugar cookies which aren't decorated. I want to do shortbread, more sugar cookies, Corn Flake butterflies, and maybe try something new. Finish wrapping presents (again, lots of time...I know...but I like to get things DONE!), gotta bake & decorate Chaz & Nolan's birthday cakes for next weekend, gotta do Santa pictures at the mall with Braden (mini panic attack for mommy)...I think that's it? Oh, and Braden's birthday party invitations (still 2 months away!) Geez that's a lot to be obsessing over!

Thinking about: All of the stuff I'm obsessing over! I think I gotta just chill. I had to just take a deep breath now as I typed this. There's still 3 weeks until Christmas, and lots of time to get stuff done! But I am thinking about maybe a trip we probably shouldn't take to Vegas, but WestJet & Treasure Island keep tempting me with specials via email! Also thinking about Jay & Braden sleeping at home all warm and snuggly in bed right now. (I'm working a night shift, it's my break...bad nurse!)

Anticipating:Christmas of course! But first celebrating my twin nephews' 1st birthdays next weekend, then going to Edmonton to celebrate Christmas, watching more Christmas movies with my family, buying an iPad, our trip to beautiful, warm Maui for 10 days in January, and then Braden's 2nd birthday when we get home! And also really anticipating getting ready for baby #2! (Not in production yet!)

Listening to: My colleague listening to and studying her ER nursing certification modules like I should be doing and the white noise of the air exchange vents...

Drinking: the last of my coffee...but will have a glass or two of water soon!

You know the deal! Link back and/or leave a comment if you want to do your "currently" post!

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  1. Love your curly hair! So cute! And this blog post is super fun...going to write mine now and linkup. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much...I wish when I did it curly it did that ALL the time, it really all depends on the humidity for some reason!

  2. You are so pretty!! Very cute post!

  3. Wrote my "currently" post! Thanks again for the inspiration!


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