Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 Days Left

So here we are, 2 days left. Actually, in less than 48 hours we had better be on our plane over an hour into our flight back home! I'm praying for a smoother boarding process than on our flight here....more on that later. For now, here's a photo dump of some of this last week. (If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter this is just a big repeat with more words, if you don't...then you should!) Just a view off the lanai, no biggie...

I FINALLY figured out how to use the Photosynth app that my brother uses all the time! Got this neat shot of our condo looking in from the lanai. If you look closely you'll see the flubs in the picture!

The big boys have done this every morning, except Sundays, ever since we got here! Luke LOVES tennis and begs to play EVERY day! interest yet!

Braden has been just so, so sweet...mostly! (Except for today where he had like a 2 hour period of "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" and clung to my legs - ick!)

Then this exciting little bit happened 4 days ago!!

If you follow the blog on Facebook, you know that he's peed twice! He did it 2 days in a row, but nothing for the last 2 days. Not sure why...but I figure we were lucky to catch him do it twice. I'm just excited that he's done it and "knows" about it! We celebrated Braden's birthday early so he could celebrate with his Grandma and Papa here. I got a cake on sale at the Lahaina Safeway and wanted it Hawaiian style so she added the palm tree and sun! It was SO good!

Jay and I had a date lunch at Kimo's on Front Street in Lahaina. It was SO good and we got front and centre seats for a beautiful view of the ocean with a huge cruise ship docked for the day. Braden had a massive FOUR hour nap that afternoon, it was perfect...he has been one tired little guy since we've been here.

I wish we had palm trees at home!!

My favorite American treats, not available in Canada so I've been enjoying lots! A&W Cream Soda, Pay Days (fave), Sierra Mist, & Nutter Butters (Braden loves these too!)

Been spending a lot of time with this cool dude...

...and I'm sure loving it!

Think that's about it until we get home, friends! Also, if you don't mind...take the little poll on the sidebar over there, I'd appreciate your feedback on my new comment form. I changed because some friends were having problems posting on Blogger's comment form. Cheers, will see you back in Canada! Hopefully it's better than this...

(I hope this post looks okay in the "real" web! Just found this app today for the iPad!)

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