Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Little Sweetheart

My dearest sweet boy will be 2 in only 6 days. Instead of being a heartbreaker, I think he'll be a heart winner. If that makes any sense! He's such a sweetie pie, and I had to do this quick blog post today so I'd always have this to look back on.

This morning, Braden was actually being kind of fussy again (I think it's his molars that will NOT break through, or he could be getting a bit of Grandma's cold...or both!), anyway...Papa took Braden for a walk around the complex outside. As they were coming back in from their walk, right away Braden said "Mommy!" and came to me with with this in his hand and handed it to me:

Swoon! His Papa is teaching him well! These are plumerias and they are my FAVORITE flower! They are just so perfect, little, and they smell amazing! So we are the only ones at the condo right now, and Braden wanted to go for another walk. How did we know this? He bring us his shoes and says "shoes on!" So we went up to the parking lot, down by the pool, down the steps to the little beach, walked over to where we saw the turtles yesterday, and then back up to the grassy area by the pool. There are 3 plumeria trees in the yard and immediately he went to go pick up a flower. I thought "Papa really DID teach you well!" I was gathering a few of the fallen flowers to bring back to the room and put them in some water. As we got back up to the room and as soon as he got his shoes off...he handed me the flower! No prompting...nothing! He is learning how to win the hearts of the ladies already!

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  1. Very sweet! Wait til this summer when he'll start bringing you dandelions!


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