Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Conference or Not?

First of all - hello! I am back in the real world...however after only 3 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours or so...doesn't feel like my real world yet! Before I get busy busy busy blogging about all the things that having been floating through my noggin since we have been in Maui, this one takes priority because the early registration discount ends in less than 5 days, so I have to make a decision quick.

As you may have guessed by the title, I have an opportunity to go to my first blog conference. It's called Blog West and it's inaugural year is being hosted in my hometown of Edmonton. It's so appealing because my accommodations would be free...and since it's at the beginning of March, Jay should be able to have Braden no problem.

Here's where I need your help bloggy friends. Do I go? Do I need to go? I never ever pictured myself going to a big conference like BlogHer or anything like that...really the big appeal is that it's so close to home! It does still cost $200 to go and I just don't know if I'd benefit from it. Here's more thoughts in bullets, because that's about all the brain function I've got left right now...

  • I blog for me, for no one else
  • I am not, nor do I aspire to be, a professional writer
  • I do this for fun, I don't want to do this as my career
  • I do not have a business to promote through my blog
  • I'm really not all that outgoing, ex. for networking
  • I don't have anyone to go with...
  • I am not that crafty
  • I am really not much of a fashionista
  • I don't party anymore, really...like I see all the other bloggers having fun doing at conferences!
So maybe I just answered my own question? I guess I just don't know what I'd benefit from going there? Spending $200 on what? I love doing my little giveaways and being able to promote certain products...but I think that's about it!

Let me know your thoughts...have you been to any blog conferences? What was/were your experience(s) like?

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  1. I don't blog so don't really know. But you won't know what you'll get out of it unless you go experience it. It's close, you have a good baby sitter, it's a day to yourself... And if it's a bust then you know not to go to another one.


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