Friday, February 3, 2012

#JANphotoaday Instagram Project

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed that I've been doing a themed picture a day since the beginning of the year! It's been a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing all the people I follow's pictures every day too! Some people are very creative. Join in on the fun February! It's never too late, just hash your picture with #FEBphotoaday! Here's my work from January...
Do it up IG friends!!!
#JANphotoaday 1-4
1: You - Started at the end of January 1st, me right before bed.
2: Breakfast - Pretty much always have coffee for breakfast
3: Something you adore - Needed chocolates to get me through that day!
4: Letterbox - I keep letters/cards Jay has given me in this box
#JANphotoaday 5-8
5 - Something you wore - Lululemon sweats are a staple in my wardrobe at home
6 - Makes you smile  - Nurse funnies in our bathroom in ER
7 - Favorite - Scrub top
8 - Your sky - Boring grey sky that morning
#JANphotoaday 9-12
9 - Daily routine - Taking my BBT
10 - Childhood - Me and Ben...don't even know how old we were!
11 - Where you sleep - King size marriage saver
12 - Closeup - Fave necklace from last Maui trip
#JANphotoaday 13-16
13 - In your bag - Empty from unpacking in Maui!
14 - Something you're reading - iPad edition of People magazine
15 - Happiness - My boys in the ocean
16 - Morning - Walking the condo grounds
#JANphotoaday 17-20
17 - Water - Ocean
18 - Something you bought - Braden's Maui birthday cake
19 - Sweet - Best coffee creamer EVER
20 - Someone you love - Coolest dude ever
#JANphotoaday 21-24
21 - Reflection - End of the day in the bathroom mirrors
22 - Your shoes  - Gladiator sandals!
23 - Something old - My grandma's handkerchief that was my something old at my wedding.
24 - Guilty pleasure - Editing pics while Braden plays alone
#JANphotoaday 25-28
25 - Something you made- The picture...and the little dude in the picture!
26 - Color - Flowers from our house & pet sitter when we got home
27 - Lunch - Leftover casserole at work and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie
28 - Light - Nolan at Braden's birthday party
#JANphotoaday 29-31
29 - Inside your fridge - LOTS of milk!
30 - Nature - View of the Rockies from our deck
31 - You, again - Before my night shift after checking on Braden in the hallway
Sure I'll do #febphotoaday too!
Now! Time for the February edition! Join Instagram, use hashtag #FEBphotoaday and join in on the fun! You can find me @hellonurse182!

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  1. I love these challenges. I love how you put them all together. I'm super excited about February! Obviously we already follow each other on IG but this is a super cool post. I might try to do something similar now that you inspired me! Have a great weekend.


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