Sunday, April 1, 2012

8 Weeks

So technically as I write this today, I am 9 weeks 4 days pregnant, but I didn't tell you all until 4 days ago, so this is a bit of a catch up.

8 Weeks Pregnant
(P.S. Two bibs doesn't mean twins, we're Team Green, so we won't know if it's a little sister or brother until s/he's born!) So, as many of you have commented, we were in Vegas when I was 8 weeks pregnant. It wasn't that different for me being pregnant in Vegas. I'm not a huge drinker, and just had virgin daquiris when I did the little gambling that I did in the casinos. My nose is super sensitive to smells right now, so the smoke bugged me a lot and gave me a whopping headache. I truly felt hungover the morning after, just from the smoke induced headaches. I hope that one day the world will catch on to non-smoking in all public places. I highly doubt people will stop going to Vegas if they become a smoke free zone. It disgusts me that people can smoke everywhere there. This is why I just don't get that people take their kids to Vegas, SO many kids in Vegas. Strollers waltzing through casinos? Classy.

Anywho, I'm not going to do the typical pregnancy surveys that so many of us do. I'm just going to bullet point things going on.
  • Gaining weight faster this time. I was SUPER health conscious with Braden's pregnancy. I cut out almost all sugar, didn't have any pop or junk food. I gained 38 lbs with Braden, and the last 8 lbs was in the last week! I feel like this baby deserves the same, so now that we're home from Vegas, I'm going to smarten up and get healthy again. I'm up 5lbs so far.
  • I'm STILL going to do the 1/2 triathlon this June! My friend Carley and I are going to do it, just to do it. We aren't going to "compete" we just want to be able to finish it. It's 10 laps of the pool, 10 km bike ride, and a 2.5 km run/walk. We're going to do it together, and this makes me happy! I will be 21 weeks pregnant
  • I am generally feeling crappy. So nauseous, but not getting sick. Working 22 1 shift...probably didn't help my case. But I feel this time like I don't have time to be tired, so I'm coping!
  • I am showing so early. The bump never goes away. I definitely get some bloat to add to the bump in the early evenings, but even when I wake up in the morning a good sized bump is still there. Do I think it could be twins? Sure. Do I really think it could be twins? No. 
  • I have my first ultrasound on April 24th, this will be in my 12th week, it is very common practice to just have 1 big anatomy scan for a healthy pregnancy in Canada, this is technically the nuchal translucency U/S, but I don't care about the results...I just want to see the bebe earlier!
This is how I'm looking this week:
First IG belly pic. 9 weeks!!
And since it's April Fool's day, the timing is right, and I'm showing so early, I had to humor people with this on IG:
So on my monster 22 hr shift figured out why my belly is so big this time #twins
That's my twin nephew's first ultrasound. Sorry that I fooled a lot of you...but that's it's intent. Even if I've "jinxed" myself into having happened 7 weeks ago if it did, so whatever! Have a great week!


  1. I love the first photo! That is such a great idea! I've seen things like that around on pinterest too and always thought it was cute!

    1. Yeah, I feel kind of guilty not doing the biweekly bare belly pics, but I just know I'm not going to have the energy to keep up with it, even though it is silly to think just taking a picture every 2 weeks is a lot of work!

  2. Yay Sarah! And a Happy Happy Birthday to you! So exciting to have another addition to your awesomely adorable family :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! Excited to expand the family!

  3. Hay sarah! You are really rounding out.I also recommend the primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea daily! Thanks !@LisaPregnancy Week by Week

    1. I don't recommend those until the 3rd trimester, actually, Lisa! I don't really want to start thinning my cervix with EPO yet. No thanks!

  4. Umm somehow I missed this announcement?!?!? CONGRATS!!!!!


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