Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Nurse's Week!

If you didn't already know, or couldn't guess by the title of this blog, I'm a nurse. Why am I a nurse? I wanted to be like my grandma. So much like my grandma that I ended up marrying a farmer too! I think it's why I've always had such a special bond with her. As I was nearing the end of high school and childhood dreams were left behind, just as that - a dream...I had to become serious as to what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to go to university and I wanted to have a good, steady job. I knew I wanted to work in health care, also encouraged by my grandma. In high school I had my heart set on pharmacy. After acing chemistry 10...and struggling a bit with chem 20, I decided that I had better focus my energies on a different career path! After challenging my grade 12 bio and social studies diplomas to get even better grades, my hard work paid off and I got into nursing.

I actually did my first 2 years of school in a rural program (it was meant to be!) made life-long friends, and then transferred to the University of Alberta to finish my degree. I like that Nursing Week is in May. It always reminds me of my nurse-iversary! I graduated and have been working as an RN for 7 years already! How is this possible?! I was in shock that it was my 10 year high school reunion last year, well 7 years working seems a lot more unreal than 10 years out of high school! I could not imagine myself in another career. Seriously. I don't know what, or who I'd be, if I wasn't a nurse. I'm very proud of it, and absolutely love my job.

I get the best of both worlds, you see. I get to work part time as a nurse in my dream job in ER, and part time as a stay-at-home-mommy. I'm a nurse for the stereotypical reasons, you could say. I love to help people, I love to teach my patients, and I have a very soft spot for the pediatric population. There's many moments where I do not like my job as a nurse, but the good always outweighs the bad.

Here's some funnies I found to celebrate Nurse's Week!

For my ER girls:

The truth:

And...sorry my children, but it's true!

Happy Nurse's Week to my friends & family who are nurses and to my wonderful blogging friends who also share this profession!


  1. HAHA! I love all of these. Happy Nurses week to you! :)

  2. I have the utmost respect for nurses! Although I don't live life with regrets and love what I am doing, I have always "dreamed" of becoming a nurse :)
    Thank you for the work you do, Sarah, and for any other RN's reading this!

    1. You are so sweet for saying that, thanks so much, Kristi!

  3. Happy Nurses week! (belated!) Being in the medical profession and working in a hospital I totally cracked up at the landyard picture! Just too funny! Love that your inspiration was our grandmother. So sweet!


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