Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Taste of 2 Kids

As I mentioned yesterday, I got to have Abby while Ben and Jess went back to Edmonton. Mom was there to help, so I put Braden to bed and she put Abby to bed. They both go down at about the same time. But I played with Abby before her bath time and then Braden and I gave her a bath. It's given me a little preview of what Braden will be like as a big brother, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. He just absolutely adores her, and she, him. Braden likes helping out with Abby more than I anticipated he would. He really wanted to have tub time with her, but I told him that he already had his bath and that it was her turn, then I asked if he wanted to help and he was all game for that!

There's definitely a lot for Braden to learn with his Big Brother training. How to be gentle and careful around a baby, not to slam doors, to try and whisper and speak quietly while babies are napping. BUT, I'm hoping that with the very forgiving newborn stage of infant sleep...our baby will learn to sleep with baby elephants running around the house (literally) and that he/she will be an excellent car seat sleeper! Braden was very patient and very good when Abby was fussing in her car seat on the ride home. We got to steal Jess & Abby for the whole week, as Ben is working in Calgary, by the way! Braden would say "it's okay, Baby Abby! It's okay!" And he'd pull on her car seat toy so it would play music for her.
I can't wait to see Braden as a Big Brother! I think he'll do really really well, and he's getting used to Mommy holding and playing with another baby. He's never been jealous or shown any separation anxiety with me...but clearly at the end of a long day...he does have his moments!
Me, Abby, & Braden at Bedtime
I took the two kiddos to town by myself the other day to give Jess some nap time, you should have seen the weird looks that I got being almost 25 weeks pregnant, carrying a 3 month old in a bucket car seat with a 2.5 year old at my side! Hehe, she's not mine! She's my brother's! But it's giving me confidence that yes, indeed, I will be able to be a mother of 2. Will it be easy, probably not, but I know I will be able to do it. No turning back now, anyway!


  1. Good practice ! She is a super cutie :)

    1. Oh cuteness overload, and yes...very good practice!

  2. If you were brave enough to go into town with the pair of them, you'll rock it out when it's your own newborn that you "know" really well!! You continually amaze me! Love you to bits!

    1. Yes, the whole thing about "knowing" the baby is really helpful and useful too!


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