Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blake & Bump Cuddles

Blake is already 3.5 weeks old, and I've only been able to visit him 3 times! With me finishing up work and just the busy-ness of life...things just catch up on a person. I hadn't even gotten any good snuggles in yet, because anytime I've seen him...I've been cooking suppers! But, I finally got my time last night after supper! Blake was very content to have snuggles with Squishy :)
(Yes, his lips are blue/purple...from gentian violet!)
And since we have been so busy, I haven't even snapped any "good" photos of him yet :( But here's some from a couple of weeks ago that never got posted, when we went over with supper so Jay could meet Blake!
Uncle Jay & Blake
Newborn Squish!
Boys on a Couch


  1. Cute little baby!! You guys sure do have a blonde family!

    1. He's very sweet! He's almost a ginger! But yes, lots of blonde in the family, especially the boys!

  2. Sooooo precious! And, I love the new look of the blog!

    1. Thank you and thanks so much, I'm very happy with it!


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