Monday, October 15, 2012

Bradenisms: Kids Really Do Say The Darndest!

I am so absolutely in love with Braden's age right now. He's over 2 years 8 months and his language seems to improve every day. The things this child comes up with to say...have to be shared!

The little boy who stole my heart...and calls me Mommy!
"Braden, do you want to go shopping with Mommy to Walmart today?
"No. I hafta stay home and have a poop and eat a big mushko [marshmallow]!"

...and about 2 hours later he delivered on that statement!

"Mommy, I hafta go to work wif Daddy. Sowwy, but you stay home."

This weekend, Braden brought this to me...and said
 "Here's a Bandaid for your unders, Mommy!"

And something I have to share that is really cute and I hope you can see the humor in it. It had my mother-in-law near tears she was laughing so hard, so I hope you appreciate this too!

A little background info: I'm pregnant. Shocker, I know. Well, my belly has been growing and growing and Braden is a very smart young man so he has picked up on this. He often says "Mommy's tummy is so bigger! My tummy is little!"

Well, I don't know what age I'm supposed to change my habits around my son as to avoid scarring him for life, but for now...I am still partially naked around him at times. He has showers with his Daddy now, but when he started having showers he would have them with me too. With a baby that will be breastfed every 2-3 hours soon joining our household...there's just no way to "hide" being half naked from my son, nor should I think he should be "shielded" from it as I think it's good for kids to grow up seeing breastfeeding.

Anywho, long story short - he's seen my boobs.

A few months ago as I was in the bathroom doing my hair, he looked up at me and said "what's this called?" as he pointed to my chest. I don't want to teach him that they are "BOOBS" for fear he would say that openly to an obese man in Walmart or something that "that man has big boobs!" so I decided to call them my chest. "This is Mommy's chest....this is Braden's chest!"

He was happy with that, until he came up with his own terminology. You see, my belly button has been an outie since 17 weeks, it was last time too. When I wear shirts, you can sometimes see my belly button...and it kinda looks "nipple-esque", if you will... Jay and I have joked that it's my giant 3rd boob.

So, one day, my child looks at my "chest" and says,

"Oh, Mommy! Look at your little tummies!" 

I'm sorry...but how stinkin' cute is that? I totally get why he thinks my boobs are "little tummies" and I love how that kid's mind works!

There were posts going around last month of similar topics...but please feel free to share in the comments of your kid(s) "say the darndest things" moments!