Saturday, October 27, 2012

Post Partum Things So Far

I didn't even make it to my 38 week update, nevermind 39 or my final picture update of 40 weeks! So here's a whopping huge post-partum so far update for you!
Ethan Thomas
We are 11 days in today and things are going great. I have to say with 100% certainty going from 1 child to 2 children has been tons easier than going from 0 children to 1! There's ups and downs to both, but I cannot believe how at ease I am with Ethan. It's like I knew him already and know exactly what he needs from me. I've taken care of a newborn before, so it was very easy that way.

I expected and anticipated broken up sleep and sleep deprived nights. When I would put Ethan down in his cradle and he would fuss within 5 minutes...3 times in a was just like "yeah...whatever! No problem, little man...we'll figure this out!" Whereas with Braden I was so confused and wanted to pull my hair out trying to "figure him out" which we know is about darn near impossible!

I know it won't always be like this, a growth spurt is looming in our future, but I'll take the sleep filled nights anytime I can!!Sleep The first few nights Ethan was very spitty. Mostly it was really thick mucous from birth, but every time I would lay him down he would spit and wake up. Luckily this resolved itself and he's rarely a spitty baby now ::fingers crossed:: which is awesome because Braden was a SUPER spitty baby!

Ethan's been giving me really good stretches of sleep. I get at least one 3 hour stretch out of him, usually in the really late morning around 5 or so. In the beginning he would eat, sleep for an hour, eat, sleep for an hour and repeat.

Now he seems to have his days/nights straightened out and we haven't had a late night party for a few days! He's been sleeping 2-4 hours, eating and repeating at night which is AWESOME and has made me feel so much more human! Longest stretch thus far has been 4.75 hours!
Long & Lean!
Breastfeeding Ethan is a champ, just like his brother was and I am so so so blessed and thankful for this precious gift I can give my sons. Ethan latched on instantly after he was born and has happily nursed away ever since. I was starting to get a tiny crack on one side, but it quickly resolved and I'm just dealing with the getting used to breastfeeding soreness again. The first 30 seconds are toe-curlingly painful....and then it's all good.
Braden thinks #breastfeeding is pretty cool. He likes to let me know when Ethan "needs a drink from my little tummy" ☺
He's eating every 1-4 hours, just depending on his sleep cycles but he's nursing very very well and he's SO efficient, which surprises me! For being a tiny guy (5 lbs 15 oz on discharge from the hospital) I have only had to rouse him once to eat, whereas with Braden I often had to strip him and tickle his toes to get him to eat quite often. Braden also used to nurse for 40+ minutes PER SIDE, but Ethan does it in 20 minutes maximum and often way less.

I am proud of myself and I am so much more confident with nursing without a cover. I do not use a cover in my own home, but will cover up in other people's homes or when I'm in public (for my choice, not other's). But if I'm in a nursing room, such as at the mall, I don't cover up and it feels so good to have that freedom!

My Mood I had been coping really well with the usual sleep deprivation...until day 8. I ran out of my New Mommy High, and I cried the ugly tears on day 8. With the combination of Braden having some poop regression, having 3 small poop accidents that day...a really poopy (no pun intended) night of sleep for me the night before...I hit my wall and I cried. Braden cried for having poop accidents, I cried because of all the above, and also he started calling me "Mom" which made me feel really old and like he had suddenly become a teenager. Today? I think it's kinda cute that he calls me Mom...though I do encourage him to call me Mommy!

But luckily for me I have an amazing support system with my sisters-in-law Laura & Jess. Laura is 10 weeks ahead of me and Jess is 6 months in their post-partum it's amazing to count on these two lovelies to help me through these rough times. Love you both so much!

My Recovery In all honesty? If I didn't have Ethan in my arms, I would never be able to tell I had a baby! No tearing, average blood loss...I have felt GREAT! I was sore "down there" last time but not at all with this one. I can't explain it, but I'm not complaining! TMI for the fellas, but I thought my post-partum bleeding has stopped as of 3 days ago and that was a heck of a lot faster than last time...but then whoosh. And that's all I'll say about that!

I tweeted a lot about my after-pains. YOWZAH! They hurt like a sunnuvahbitch this time and I've heard they get worse with every baby you have. It felt like I was in labor all over again, and this lasted for a good 3-4 days.

Right now I'm getting some headaches, but this could be partially due to the change in the weather system (hello, snow!) so hopefully they will go away soon!
I didn't know how much I could love my Squishy until I met him! I'm enjoying all the newborn snuggles I possibly can! I love being a #boymom
I'm going to post an update on Braden very soon, so I'm not going to touch on that here! I also wanted to give a big shout out and congratulations to Carey & her baby Ethan, Censie & baby Teagan, and Chelsey & baby Evie! Our babies were all born I believe within 5 days of each other! So if you're looking for more newborn goodness...go and give these ladies a follow and say hi!

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