Friday, October 12, 2012

The Part of Pregnancy That I Like To Refer to As "The Ticking Time Bomb Phase"

That's how I described it when I was at this point in my pregnancy with Braden too. 37 weeks. Fully cooked. Full term. At this point with Braden I would give birth to him exactly 25 days later...but a pregnant mama just never knows when it's going to happen, hence the "ticking time bomb" terminology. You pray with all your might that you'll make it to the magical 37th week that is deemed full term, though many many many babies are delivered healthy before that mark, of course...but as soon as you, or me anyway, hit 37 feels like GO TIME! It feels like the light went from red to green and that I've got the proverbial thumbs up to go on ahead anytime and have this baby.
Ready For Squishy
The tennis ball for labor - last time it felt good to have pressure on my lower back...or I can throw it in frustration? Diaper bag & Boppy packed!

In all honesty? I'm not ready. I really want these next few weeks to enjoy our last moments being a family of 3, Braden being our one and only, organizing, cleaning, packing, and re-packing. Now that our downstairs bedroom is done - WOOHOO! - I can finalize what little I had to do in the nursery. The cradle is finished, the gender neutral owl blanket I bought even before Squishy was conceived is waiting to be snuggled in. A handful of Braden & Abby's newborn clothes are washed and ready to be worn. An owl hat and a bear hat are ready to be worn if Squishy is a girl or a boy respectively. The diaper bag & cloth diaper bags are packed. The extra small, newborn cloth diapers are all washed and put away. My hospital bag, minus last minute toiletries is packed....but I'm not ready.
Ready For Squishy
Ready For Squishy
I know most girls at this time in their pregnancies, some earlier, some later too...are DONE. Me? I'm not. It's such a blessing to be pregnant and I don't want to take even 1 day for granted. I've always felt this way, but seeing friends have preemies and NICU babies...I'd happily go overdue any time vs. being too early. Last time I didn't want to be overdue because I had an intense fear of having to be induced. This time? I know my body can do it on it's own, and I'm just going to put my trust in God that it will know again. Plus? This might be the last time I'm ever pregnant...and that kinda makes me sad. We just don't know for sure if one day we'll have 3, so I'm truly trying to cherish every thing about being pregnant.

The little kicks, flips, and rolls that I feel from Squishy on the inside.
The way that my bump looks.
The positive attention and excitement that I get from people around me.
Truly not feeling guilty ANYMORE about eating anything and everything.

BUT, there is a reason why we're pregnant for "only" 9 months. It can't last, nor do I want it to, forever. I'm very excited to meet Squishy and FINALLY know if he is a he or she is a she. I'm excited to see Braden transition into the role of Big Brother and us transform into a family of four. I can't wait to see Abby's reaction to a tiny, newborn baby, and to light up my Grandma's eyes when she meets Squishy for the first time.

My weekly appointments are on Wednesdays, so my almost 37 week appointment went like this:
  • BP 109/70
  • HR 68
  • Total weight gain 37 lbs
  • FHR 136
  • Measuring 35 cm
  • Baby head down
Ready For Squishy
Baby had a BIG growth spurt since my last appointment 2 weeks ago! Praise God for growth and calming my nerves. If you remember from my 35 week pregnancy update, I was a tad on edge because baby was measuring 4 cm behind - 31 cm at almost 35 weeks. Well, in 2 weeks baby grew "4 cm"! I only gained 1 lb in the last 2 weeks and I wouldn't be surprised if most of it went to baby!
Pretty much officially in "want to stay at home" mode! Hair needed a good leave in conditioner since this baby has sucked all the moisture out! But I love him/her so much!! 37 weeks/full term today!!

Top: 34 weeks, 37 weeks
Bottom: 35 weeks, 37 weeks

I feel like Squishy is dropping now, definitely more pressure and just looks and feels lower. My belly really "popped" in the last couple of days...more so literally yesterday! I just cannot believe I'm full term. The first 2 trimesters went by at a nice pace...but this third has just ZOOMED by. Explain that to me!
Perhaps the best post-nap snuggles yet while watching Mr. Popper's Penguins

The little mister has been extra snuggly, especially on nap days. I'm not complaining...not one bit!