Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breastfeeding...Who Knew So Many People Had a Problem With It!

When I was pregnant with Braden, probably the thing I was most excited for was breastfeeding. I don't even know why, I had obviously never done it before...but I just already had a passion for it and was longing to nurse my baby.

My breastfeeding journey with Braden was flawless. I was so so so blessed. I know it doesn't come easy for a lot of moms and babies...but Braden got it from the get go an we never ran into problems on our way. I have wonderful memories of nursing him and I'm so grateful for that.

When I nursed Braden, I always used a cover. This was my own personal choice, no one influenced it or made me ever feel like I had to use it. BUT, I did nurse him in public often...just with the cover. I never felt uncomfortable or shamed for my right to feed my baby.
Newborn Photos
Now that I'm breastfeeding Ethan, I feel even more empowered in my right to do it in public. I'm not brave enough to nurse without a cover, say, in the middle of a food court (yet?!), but that's just my personal choice. I will truly "nurse in public" without a cover on in the company of other nursing moms and certainly in my own house.

With Braden, I always used a cover. Everywhere. Other than in front of my husband and my mother. This time? I feel so much more comfortable and confident. I think what makes people uncomfortable is they don't know "where to look" when a mother is nursing her baby. I get it, it's hard to not look at the baby feeding. The first time one of my girlfriends nursed her baby in front of me (I was single and totally not even in the mindset of having my own babies!) I was shocked! I remember thinking " there's her boob...just out there like that feeding her baby!" Believe me - I wasn't judging, I was just shocked!

Now that I'm on Twitter, I wasn't when I had Braden, I am absolutely appalled at the derogatory tweets from people who are against nursing in public! It is a HUMAN RIGHT to feed your baby anywhere and everywhere, people! You should Google for legislation in your province/state. I did and Alberta protects & supports nursing mothers! I love one of the slogans on their homepage: "Anywhere, Anytime in Alberta". AWESOME!

If you're interested in what I'm talking about. You need to either follow or take a look at some of @Wolf_Mommy's tweets! She is a nursing in public/breastfeeding advocate and purposefully goes out looking for Tweets for those who oppose it. In all honesty, I've had to unfollow her a few times because I get so riled up at the people she finds! I have joined in on a few of these "conversations" because it really irks me how disrespectful and down right discriminatory some of these people are!
One day I had it in with a GUY who was completely disgusted that a woman was breastfeeding in church. IN CHURCH! Jesus was breastfed, people! Another male social worker was appalled that a teenage mom was breastfeeding on a bus. He says he "supports" breastfeeding, but not when done by a minor on public transportation! A SOCIAL WORKER! I say good for that teen mom for feeding her hungry baby! It also seems that naive young "women" are very offended by seeing a lady "half naked" or "flashing her tit". And of course, these girls' avatars (profile pictures) on Twitter are full of cleavage - never fails.

See, the thing is, people of the interwebs...when a mother is FEEDING her child with her BREAST, she does not do it for attention. She does it to give her child a basic need - food. She does not care if you are uncomfortable. If you are? Then look away. Move. But be respectful of her human right to provide nourishment and feed her baby. I'm so sick of people sexualizing breastfeeding!
Another big thing that these people don't understand, is that babies are hungry and no they cannot wait to be fed like we can. Baby is hungry on a bus? Feed it. Baby is hungry in the restaurant? Feed it. The opposition often says "well she could at least be discreet and cover up a bit!" The law states otherwise. I don't know how many times I have to say in this one blog post, it's her RIGHT to feed her baby and she does not legally have to hide or cover up.

This is probably my most tweeted comment to those who don't "get" nursing in public:
Luckily for me I haven't gotten any strange looks or comments when I've nursed either of my babies. But Lord help me them if I do! Have you had to deal with any negative comments while nursing your baby?

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