Friday, November 16, 2012

Ethan is 1 Month Old!

Yay! I'm so in shock with everything about Ethan. His early arrival, how big he's getting, how much we just love him so much. So it's really not much of a surprise he's 1 month old today! In tradition of the monthly updates I started with Braden, I'll be doing similar for Ethan, except using a little bear that Big Brother happily gave to Ethan and these super cute onesie stickers I found on Etsy!
1 Month Old
1 Week Old
Big difference, isn't it?! I had a heck of a time with both of these pictures! He isn't a big fan of being upright!

Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz
Length: 21"

At birth he weighed 6 lbs 5 he's almost gained 3 lbs and half of his body weight! Ethan is exclusively breastfed and I guess mama's serving the cream. This makes it okay for me to guzzle egg nog for the next 6 weeks because it will go right through me to Ethan, right? Okay...didn't think so!

And here's some more Ethan updates:

  • Up for the day anywhere from 5:30-6:30 (Mommy doesn't like this, I am not nor never will be a morning person - but that's ok!)
  • Braden gets up 6:30-7:00
  • Ethan eats, of course, and then has wake time for about 1.5 hours, plays on his play mat a bit
  • He always has his morning nap in the swing in the living room. I like that I can see him and he's not "hiding" in his room all day & night!
  • He usually naps about 3 hours and this is when I do my computer stuff, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and Braden plays and/or watches a show - this is awesome time!
  • He'll wake up, eat, and go right back to sleep - this is usually when I go off and do any errands I need to for the day
  • After that nap sometimes he has a bit of a wake period, sometimes he goes back to sleep - he pretty much sleeps all day still
  • He usually naps through dinner time (yes!) and then he's awake off and on and eats throughout the evening
  • He has a bath every night because I cannot resist a freshly bathed newborn - he tolerates his baths now, but doesn't enjoy them yet!
  • Often I get my snuggle in with him while he naps on me for at least a part of the evening and I love it. I never really did this with Braden and I'm making a point of enjoying it
  • Ethan goes down to sleep anywhere from 9:30-11:30, depending on how much he's eating and gives me anywhere from a 3 - almost 6 hour first stretch of sleep
  • He eats really well and then goes for another 2-4 hours and is up for the day after that
  • He's still wearing newborn size in some things...but today I made the heartbreaking transition and realization that he is indeed starting to wear 0-3 month clothes very well! I hated retiring his whale was the first thing he ever wore
  • His feet are not made for socks...they're too skinny!
  • Still wearing newborn/extra small cloth diapers, though some of the smaller ones are getting a bit snug!
  • If he keeps gaining like he is, he'll be in smalls before he turns 2 months!
  • In the day about every 3 hours or so, technically only up once at night to feed, but he goes to bed late and wakes up it's really more like 2!
  • I'm going to do a post tomorrow about our trip to the lactation consultant
As much as I hate it when people ask me if he's a "good baby"...he really is. He's a wonderful sleeper (so far)!, he's very content and calm, and eats very proven by the scale! Life has been an even bigger joy with you in it, Ethan Thomas! Let's see how much you grow and learn in the next month!