Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't Listen to Your Mother, Braden

GG's Sweater
My darling, sweet boy...don't listen to your mother...
  • If you can't dress yourself yet
  • If you can't always make it to the potty in time
  • If you don't always want to eat all of your food
  • If you don't want to stay at the dinner table
  • If you want 3 different snacks and only nibble at them all
  • If you're not always as quiet as she wants you to be
  • If you make a mess of your room
And you know why? Because you're only 2. Almost 3, but still only 2. It's okay, because:
  • You can put your underwear and pants on all by yourself 80% of the time
  • You rarely have an accident and if you do, it's only a dribble
  • You are right on par with most 2 year olds who don't always want to eat everything
  • You do eventually eat all that Mommy & Daddy want you to, even if it takes a few extra reminders!
  • You are an indecisive boy with your snacks
  • You are a BOY and boy are allowed to be noisy!
  • You always clean up your room when we ask you too

Don't grow up too fast, sweet boy...even if Mommy acts like you should, she doesn't believe it for one second. Mommy saw you grow up over night when she brought your baby brother home...but it doesn't mean that you are grown up. You still need help too, so please be patient while Mommy has to remind herself of this daily. In the meantime...just don't always listen to your mother!