Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeling Frumpalicious

I know I'm only 8 weeks post-partum today, and that the "licious" part of my made up word would imply that it was a good feeling...but it's not. I think I'm inevitably going to have a harder time this time losing my pregnancy pounds. All 17 that are hanging on. I cannot believe I'm 17 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight still, simply because I don't "feel" like it's that much, but wow! I'd like to lose at least 10 lbs...I was too skinny again when I got pregnant. This is nothing I ever "try" to do...I just usually fluctuate 10 lbs up or down whether I want to or not, it's how I've always been. However, I wrote this post when I was 4 months post-partum about getting back into my skinny jeans...so maybe it will just take time?
I think it must be pretty remarkable what happens to a woman's body after giving birth. I can tell that it's not even "weight" I need to lose, it's my hips/pelvis need to shrink and get back into proper pre-birthing alignment. And the skin! I hope this isn't just me...but I feel like a shar pei dog! I literally have rolls of skin on my back and "love handles". I know these will go away with time, they did last time but I just have all this SKIN...it's so awkward!

With Braden I bought a pair of "fat" jeans when I was 3 weeks post partum. Jeans that are 2 sizes too big, but not maternity. Well, I outgrew those a couple of weeks ago - they're too baggy and don't fit anymore. I can get my biggest pair of regular jeans on...and if I suck it in I can even do them up....but then I've got the oh-so-flattering muffin top thing going on. So it's looser shirts or shirts that are patterned and take the eye away from my mummy tummy. I just hate this awkward phase of feeling like I have nothing to wear. I really don't have any jeans that fit well right now, I'm not going to buy more to fit me through this awkwardness, and I have my trusty yoga pants and a pair of jeggings that fit.

Regardless, I think I want to get in better shape this time around anyway. Or "tighter" as Jay and I joke about because of this clip from "Knocked Up":

What are you recommendations for work out DVD's? I need something engaging that's going to want me to keep going back for more, if it's boring I won't do it. I don't know if I need the 30 Day Shred, if I should try Turbo Jam, do a dance one? Regardless, a gym membership isn't optional for me (especially breastfeeding a baby) but also because of our location too. So DVD's it is and I'm not going out and buying any work out equipment either.

I'm going to give myself the holidays and then do the cliche New Year's resolution of getting into shape! 

What are your recommendations? What do you love? What do you hate?