Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Mommy Confessions

Or, Momfessions, if you will! I haven't been in a good blogging funk lately. I go through phases where I could literally write 2 posts a day...and times when I can't think of a darn thing to say...like now. This is when it's good to participate in blog hops with themed posts! I realize these are supposed to be confessions about being a mommy....like related soley to my children...but I'm a mommy and even if these aren't 100% about being a mother, here they are:
My Mommy Confessions
  • You know that saying out there that it's okay to have dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on your floor because it's more important to be with your kids, or something along with those lines? Well....that may be true for some, but not me! I cannot STAND having my house dirty or especially clutter about. I cannot relax and enjoy my kids if my house is dirty. It doesn't take that long to clean, really!
  • I could have 2 or 3 baths a day in this cold weather (not because I smell, contrary to what my husband teases me about)
  • Children should not be allowed to wake up before 8:00 AM, I'll even settle for 7:30 I am NOT a morning person, I never will be I figure
  • I have always been a 1 cup of coffee in the morning kinda gal, but I've been craving an afternoon cup sometimes
  • I do like a clean house, but I'm awful at cleaning the bathroom. It gets cleaned, of course...but I hate doing it. I've cleaned it 3 times since Ethan came home...and he's 7 weeks old today
  • The cold, dreary weather makes me happy. Yup, happy. It makes me feel like I have the right to stay in my warm, cozy home and sip coffee and bake and snuggle with my boys
  • I had a dream about my dad the other night...that I got to hug him, tell him he looked good and hoped he was doing well. That's the only part of the dream I remember and it makes me happy and hopeful that one day I might be able to hug him again
  • I'm not really getting Ethan anything for Christmas, just a personalized lovie blankie from Etsy!
  • On the other hand, I got Braden WAY too much for Christmas...good thing his birthday is a month after and I can divide the presents between the two!
  • My baby slept for over 7 hours the other night and I will not be made to feel bad about it, I'm celebrating. It may not happen again for awhile!
  • I love being at home as a mommy more than I ever thought I would. I will definitely go back to work, but I can see myself working less while my kids are young
  • I love Essie nail polish, I may or may not pick out a new color anytime I get a chance to go shopping (which isn't that often, don't worry)
  • I love Duck Dynasty. Like, love it.
  • Moscato is gooooo-oood! I drink a bottle to myself probably every 2 weeks.
  • I am 17 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight (gained 38 lbs)...and this blows my mind! I do not feel 17 lbs heavier, nor do I think I look it...this is the same weight I was when I was 22 weeks pregnant - crazy!
  • I feel so much less stressed than I did last Christmas. I've learned to control what I can and cannot handle during the holidays. Until I go on Pinterest...which is why I don't
  • Speaking of that, I'm not doing a gingerbread house, I refuse until my kids specifically ask to do it or Poppy does it with them, hehe
  • I love being the mommy to 2 boys, especially that they have boy cousins their age!
  • I started the Advent Bible study with #SheReadsTruth and I've been missing it from my life the last couple of months, I need His Word in my daily life again
I know all my confessions aren't that shocking...and not all to do with being a mommy, but they are what they are. Do you have confessions this week? Link up with Growing Up Geeky.