Sunday, November 29, 2009

32 weeks down, 8 to go!

Did I just say 8 weeks to go? For those non-pregnant folks who aren't used to measuring things in weeks like us pregnant kind, that means I'm starting the 8th month today. My due date is less than 2 months away! It has been a pregnant pet peeve of mine when people look at me funny when I say I'm "32 weeks pregnant". They cock their head to the said and look up at me (mostly everyone looks up at me!) with curious eyes as to say "I asked you how far along you were...I don't speak in weeks!" It just doesn't seem right to say I'm 8 months pregnant, because I have 2ish months left and people think 9 months pregnancy is full-term...when really it's the end of the ninth month, or beginning of the 10th that is term. Oi!

Enough of my pet peeve rant. But, speaking of pet peeve...this actually hasn't happened near as much as I had feared at the beginning of my pregnancy, but today at work in ER when I was triaging an older female patient with abdominal pain...I asked her to describe where her abdominal pain was. Like most morons (pardon my bitterness) she said "in my stomach". Then I proceeded to do like I always do, and stated that I meant specifically where in the abdomen pointing on my prominent belly, in the middle? on the sides? up high in the epigastric region? Then she had the nerve to show where her abdominal pain was on my belly. MY BELLY! It just so happens she was having central pain at her belly she touched my outie too! I was so shocked that I just had to suck it up, try my best to be professional and just give her a look. If any of you are How I Met Your Mother fans, I gave her Lily's "you're dead to me" look. I was soooo close to saying "that's not necessary! You don't have to touch me!" Just bugs me cuz people wouldn't touch my belly if I wasn't pregnant! Anywho, here's my I-had-a-really-bad-sleep-last-night-and-worked-all-day-and-look-really-grossly-tired-today 32 week picture! If all goes as planned...we only have 4 more pictures left to take!!

32 weeks

Bump growth every 4 weeks until now!

Also, Jay is the best husband ever! He went snowboarding with Matt to Sunshine today and brought me home a Peter's burger and an eggnog milkshake for which I've been craving ever since Laura told me such a thing existed. I made a deal with myself not to dip into the eggnog until December so as not to gain 10 pounds of "maternal stores"...I probably only gained a pound or two from this delicious milkshake...but it was so worth it and I want another one already!


  1. Aww that Jay is a good man! He knows the way to a tired, pregnant woman's heart!!

  2. I was soooo tired yesterday. Bad sleep and working all day. Had a great day nonetheless!


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