Thursday, November 19, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I knew it was going to be like this. It hasn't been a completely stress-free start to building our house, we've had many hiccups (as you recall from a previous post). Our house was supposed to be delivered today (the framing), so when Jay looked over at our site late this afternoon and noticed no trucks, no framing, he called our construction manager who then called him back and said the convoy of trucks delivering our house got stuck in a snow storm at Roger's Pass in BC! Hopefully they will be here tomorrow. For now, here's the latest picture of our house with the back-fill completed:

In other news...I've worked the last 2 days in Strathmore doing the 10-10 shift. I haven't done two 12 hour shifts in a row for quite awhile and I'm impressed how good I did. I've got a lot of girlfirends that are working almost until their due dates, so I hope I'm feeling good enough to do the same. I have the next three days off and do it again on Monday, Tuesday. We have our maternity pictures on Saturday here at the farm and I'm so excited!! Can't wait to share pictures!!