Thursday, November 12, 2009


Two kinds of hiccups. A good kind and a bad kind to be exact! Good things first. I've been feeling the baby hiccup quite a bit lately! It's a really neat feeling, a very distinct rhythmic motion...almost like feeling the baby's heart beat! I can feel them from the outside too, which is pretty cool. Speaking of outside movement, this baby has been super, super active the last few days and I really hope in the next while I can catch a video of my bump wiggling and jiggling around. Jay has said that my laugh is changing and that I sound more "jolly" must be because of the big belly! I have the baby's room done for now, I'll just add some decorating touches.

Now the bad hiccups. Hiccups of the house-building, financial variety! I really don't want to get into all the gorry details...but the company we're building our house with neglected to tell us that we had our final payment on our house package on Monday...which just so happened to be the day we were in Saskatchewan. So we've been struggling all week to get all our ducks in a row to get them their cheque. It's all been ironed out, and luckily it will only delay the project by a few days. We got our building inspection completed and the crew is backfilling the foundation today. The framing crew will be there on Monday doing the flooring system and the walk-out. Big things should start happening soon. They should have put that warning label on the contract we signed! At least we would have a heads-up as to how frustrating this process is/will be!

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  1. I hate dealing with house building stuff. It's like being in a bad relationship... he never calls when he says he will, doesn't show up, and wants you to do all the changing... good luck with everything! Glad to have a friend on good reads!


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