Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Weeks...75% done!

How is it possible that it's the middle of November and we've only got 10 weeks or 25% of this pregnancy (give or take) to go!!?? It seems like just yesterday it was May and I "peed on the stick" at saw the two pink lines that told me I was pregnant! Generally I have still been feeling really good, it's getting harder to sleep in the morning, but I have a really good stretch of sleep through the night. I plan on working as long as I can, but at the same time I can't imagine 7 or maybe even 8 more weeks of work! This baby has been getting more and more active, but still gets shy when someone who isn't his/her mommy or daddy tries to feel them move!! Jay has felt the baby a lot, but anytime I try to get anyone else to feel the baby's movement, it just stops! Hopefully other people will be able to experience this with me soon, I know Jay's dad has been just aching to feel the baby move for a long, long time now! I mostly feel punches down in my lower abdomen, and even sometimes all the way over at my iliac crests (hip bones) and that sure feels weird! I think because of where my placenta is (anterior) I don't feel those big kicks to the ribs...or maybe it's just because I have such a long torso...but no big kicks to the ribs anyway!

Here's some fun facts about the baby at 30 weeks:
  • Weighs about 3 lbs
  • Is about 17" long
  • Baby is able to open and close it's eyes
For me, I have definitely noticed that I am getting tired more easily - I can't go as fast on our daily walks anymore, especially on the way home. After a big meal, like supper, I am finding it a bit harder to breathe and relax as everything just kinda gets pushed upwards. How much longer now?! Guess I better not complain too much!

In other notes, Ben and Jess finally came to visit us this weekend and we had so much fun! We just relaxed, played games, and enjoyed the Christmas show at the dinner theatre. It was so nice to have company, it seems like it's been awhile since anyone has come to visit us (although you're always welcome!)

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  1. You look really pregnant now! Wow! I must come visit!! Want to see nursery, etc and bring down some of this Ferris gear I've been accumulating, so that I can paint the nursery here too!!

    This stage of pregnancy always made me sympathize with how uncomfortable short women must be!!!! Where does it all go??


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