Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Doggin' Around!

Everytime that I bring the camera with us on our walks, Kihei never cooperates! She is such a joy to bring on walks because she is hilarious! She pounces into the ditch to mouse, she hops through the tall grass like a deer...but she doesn't like to perform for the camera! We've been briging my old point-and-shoot camera on our walks lately in hopes of catching some action.
So here is a video of what Kihei & Taz do on their walks home. Taz "herds" Kihei and he tries to keep her in the ditch and from coming up onto the road! They are a perfect pair for playing...Kihei loves to be chased!
Not the best video of what they can really do...but you get the picture! The next little clip is the best/only one I've got of Kihei's pouncing...she kept teasing me and would stop and pose like she was going to pounce, then she'd stop. She can do a much better job than this, but this will have to do for now!
It's really cute when she tucks up all 4 legs and does a couple pounces in a row. Maybe one day I'll get the perfect video! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. That was definitely a tease. She can do a lot more than that. I've seen her. It's hillarious!!


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