Monday, November 9, 2009

Long Gone to Saskatchewan

Today we celebrated the life of Jay's Grandpa Graham. I'm so happy that we went. We learned so much about Grandpa's life when he was younger and how much of an influence he was to those around him with his faith. I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to meet him a few times before he passed away. This is a picture of Grandpa taken at our wedding which we were so thankful that he was able to come to.

Jay and his Grandpa last summer at the Okanagan Lake.

Jay & his sisters at the memorial service.
In light of all the hecticness that's been going on with Kihei, we decided to take her with us to Saskatchewan. We stopped last night in Wainwright and stayed at the Best Western, which is brand new and pet friendly! She had a really good drive to Wainwright, so we knew we would need to take her for a good walk so she'd sleep for the night. I looked online and knew Wain had a dog park, so we got directions and went. Of course there were no other dogs there because it was dark out already, so we wanted to make sure the area was fenced in, and we walked the perimeter. It all looked fenced in to us...but Houdini the Husky found out that at both ends of the dog park - it's not actually fenced off! So she decided to go on a husky adventure down a dark alley in Wain with Jay chasing her! We did get her...but the adventures never end with her! She had a rough time settling last night, all she wanted to do is go out and explore, but all in all she did pretty good! We had another good ride home and luckily didn't hit any deer, although we saw enough.
Treasure your loved ones, always!