Sunday, December 6, 2009

33 Weeks....and a little crazy!

That little icon I found could be my new slogan. Ouchie!! Could not get comfortable last night because of my left sciatic nerve pain. The blizzard we had lasted a good 2.5 days and we stayed nice and cozy and cuddly! We keep giving Kihei too much credit, unfortunately. On the first night of the blizzard on Friday night we gave Kihei 2 different times of freedom and she did well and stayed home...we figured it was a safe bet because even though she's a husky and built for this weather, she probably wouldn't wander over to the farm in whiteout conditions. Well, that statement proved to be true for Friday, but not Saturday morning. I let her out off leash at 8AM Saturday morning, it was still snowing and blowing and about 5 hours later we got a call from Zaks that her and Taz were at the farm in the barn! Crazy dogs! It was complete whiteout conditions and they still felt the need to venture over there. So literally no more freedom for Kihei, which breaks my heart. I don't know what to do now that it's getting too cold to take her for walks, which brings on the crazy...
Today I am 33 weeks pregnant, it was about -27 with the wind chill, and Jay and I felt the need to take her for a walk! It was still blowing like crazy, I'm pretty sure I have wind burn on the tip of my nose! We bundled up and even wore ski goggles. I bought her a new sled dog pulling harness and she sure looks great in it - pictures to come when it's not so cold outside! I'm finding it so hard to keep up on walks fact, I can't. I probably won't be able to keep going on our walks pretty soon. If I walk too hard then I get Braxton-Hicks contractions that last a long time. They are not dangerous and do not hurt, but probably not a good idea to push it.

Well, I have to work a night shift tonight, the storm has stopped and the roads are much better. Going to try to sneak Dexter in before I go!