Monday, December 7, 2009

Belly Dancing & Beats

I posted awhile ago that the baby has been very, very active...and continues to be. A couple of nights ago I couldn't believe my eyes when my belly was making such waves and big movements! I was lucky enough to catch a snippit on camera, I have been trying for weeks to capture this little one on camera, but I think it is camera shy - oh if it only knew the world it will be born into with a mommy that has such a passion for photography!! I guess things will change soon enough. So this is a little video of me lying on my right side in bed the other night. That's why my belly is so lopsided, but it was just insane what he/she was doing in there! I swear they were trying to make an early exit! Pardon my red and white reindeer PJ pants and our beautiful (yet comfy and cozy) plaid flannel sheets!
Here is what now I consider to be an old video! It was the 2nd night that I was able to find baby's heartbeat with a doppler that Katie leant me. This was 13 weeks 5 days pregnant...wayyyy back when!
Baby's heart beat has consistently been in the high 140's or low 150's until my last appointment when we were 144. Old wive's tale says girls are above 140 and boys are below we'll have to wait and see if that one proves true.

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  1. Goodness! I can remember how weird that feels just watching that video!!


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