Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Good Ol' Pond Hockey

What a beautiful Boxing Day! Couldn't have asked for a better one. Back in the day I would have been hitting the sales at West Edmonton Mall...but such is not the case this year! I could not be bothered. I joked to Jay we should go to Cross Iron Mills (the new huge mall by Balzac) and he thought that was a really good joke! Nowadays there`s Boxing Week sales, we slept in and enjoyed a very restful (and needed) good night's sleep in our own bed. My bladder cooperated and only got me up twice - woohoo! Jay made some coffee and we enjoyed watching our new favorite channel, The DIY Network because we like to get ideas for our house. I threw in a load of laundry to feel not completely lazy, but other than that had a very lazy and relaxing morning. Jay is getting into his new Xbox game Dragon Age, and I have been editing pictures like crazy! I charged my brand new Sony Handycam digital recorder that my wonderful husband got me for Christmas (and he didn't even know I wanted one!!) and can't wait to use it. We had a quick bite for lunch and then it was off to Rosebud for some pond hockey. It's such a wonderful feeling to not have anything to do and just truly enjoy what you're doing. It was a beautiful sunny day and I'm guessing it was about -15, so it was a great day for hockey. We took the husky, she's always good for a few laughs and she really likes to pester Lester, the Hamm's dog. You see, in Rosebud, dogs are allowed to play too. Lester often adds some excitement to the games by stealing the puck, but he wasn't on his game today.
Speaking of pestering Lester...
A panoramic shot of Rosebud.
Some love and support from the dog!

Tomorrow I forsee much of the same happening. More time to rest, relax, read books, watch some movies, and enjoy time for just the two of won`t be just the two of us for much longer!!

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  1. Great photos! I've been being "lazy" for 2 days too!!


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