Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beautiful December Day

I had yesterday, today, and tomorrow off from work and the last two days have been a gorgeous -15 or so and sunny on the farm. Jay has been doing a lot of work at the house lately, mostly with snow removal by hand and with the bucket tractor - there were some BIG drifts there from the blizzard. Jay also met our new plumber there (we had to fire the first one we hired before he even started) and dug trenches in the frozen dirt to run rough ins for our plumbing. He did a lot of manual labour today, and I can't thank him enough for it. Our framers haven't worked for a good 6 days (don't get me started) but they were finally there today and started making progress on framing the main level. In the afternoon when Jay was done work at the house, I decided to be brave and go for a walk with him and Kihei. I got bundled up and waddled through the snow! It's so hard to keep up with those two now - in fact...I can't!!

Kihei doesn't necessarily like this "working" business! She needs some motivation sometimes!

An absolutely gorgeous day!!

If only she were as well behaved as she is beautiful!

Yesterday Jay put plywood over the windows and tarps over the doors so as to try and prevent a big pileup of snow again as it's supposed to flurry again tomorrow for the weekend. Otherwise here is the progress that the framers made today:
The front of the house/walk-out

The east side of the house at sunset.

So we have some walls now! We still have snow in the basement, so Jay needs to put up insullation tarps there so that the temporary furnace in the basement can melt the snow and we can get our cement poured down there. I can't believe how much work there is to do still...hopefully it goes a little more smoothly!