Sunday, December 13, 2009

34 weeks down, 6 to go!!

I know I keep saying it...but I can't believe we only have 6 weeks to go!! The next 2 weeks will most certainly fly by as Christmas is fastly approaching...and then I'm not sure about the last 4 weeks. They say that the last month of pregnancy tends to drag on as you get more big and uncomfortable, start sleeping less, and just want to get that baby out! Who knows. So far I am still feeling great. Hate to brag, but I haven't, and still don't have anything to complain about. I had a scare earlier this week with my left sciatic nerve...I literally couldn't walk as it hurt so much and I didn't have normal sensation in my left leg, but luckily it relieved itself and I haven't noticed it since. I have about a month left work work, which I think is actually only 10 shifts or so left and I plan to work every one of them (last one would be an evening shift on January 14th, 10 days before I'm due) as long as my body is feeling up to it! I am so happy as today I realized that I worked my last day shift! Only nights and evenings left and two 10-10 shifts (which doesn't really count as a day shift in my mind). So it seems as though I'm looking more tired with every picture, but at least I don't feel it. Here are my 34 week pictures:

Jay says "the belly's so tight it's shiny!!"

So this week baby should weigh alllllllmost weigh about 5lbs and we're now generally considered in the "safe zone" as most babies born after 34 weeks don't even require NICU care as long as they are healthy and don't have birth problems. Quite a milestone to achieve! I have my 34 week appointment tomorrow and will give an update after that.

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  1. Jay's right! It is shiny!! You look fabulous!


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