Wednesday, December 2, 2009

House Update

Well I finally have some update pictures to post for you on our house! We've been a little ticked with the framing crew, they were described to us as the "Wayne Gretzkys" of framing [insert eye rolling here] but they sure have been slow! They had the last week of November which hosted sunny, clear, beautiful weather to get rolling on the project...but they started in the last few days and got snowed out on Friday and Monday! I guess this is something we'll have to get used to in this house-building process, as everyone says they are going to do this on that day...but I suppose it doesn't always happen! So here's the latest pics:

November 30th the walkout walls are done

This is today, flooring should be done tomorrow & the beams are up.
Flooring almost done, you can see the beams as well.

Hopefully the weather stays decent and the framing crew predicted they will be done in 3 "working" weeks. Next step is to get the plumber in for the roughs-in to the downstairs bathroom and the prep for the in-floor heating, and then the concrete poured for the basement floor. Now we just owe people more money and watch the house being built!