Tuesday, December 1, 2009

32 Week appointment - good for a laugh!

I love it when Jay can make it with me to my prenatal appointments. It's nice to have him well acquainted with the man who will be delivering our baby into the world. They have gotten to know each other well enough and it makes me feel much more comfortable about everything. Dr. Maseka asked Jay today, "So....how is she doing?" I knew he was just fishing for trouble, and Jay said "Oh, she's mostly okay!" or something to that effect. Every appointment before I see him, the nurse takes me down the hallway and weighs me first. I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I should be gaining approximately 1 lb per week from here on out. Well, true to the book I gained 2 lbs since my appointment 2 weeks ago, and Dr. Maseka pointed this out to us. Then he said "you know what? According to the computer, your ideal weight for your height in pregnancy is 200 lbs!" Then Jay gave us one of these looks:

The look also said "but you're not going to do that....right?!!?" That would be just over 30 lbs in under 8 weeks...I sure hope I don't pig out at Christmas and end up at my ideal pregnancy weight! Yikes! I've been a little scared of stepping onto that scale every appointment...but I just don't care anymore. I've never gained weight in my life, so it was a bit difficult getting used to seeing the needle on the scale moving farther and farther to the right everytime I stepped on, but it's all for the greater good and I think I'll be able to drink eggnog guilt-free this Christmas!
While we were in Drumheller today, we stopped by the flooring place and picked out our tile (for the kitchen/laundry room, bathrooms, and entry way and the carpet for our bedroom and stairs. We got a great deal on the carpet, and paid a little more to get the exact tile that we want and we love it! I also watched the Rosebud Choir tonight and Deah and I took shifts watching Luke. The choirs sounded great and Luke is just a doll to look after! So quiet and content, I wouldn't mind one of those myself.


  1. LMAO... can just see Jay's face! I would have loved to have heard the choir concert! What does the tile and carpet look like? I'm glad you've been able to agree on what you both like. That's never easy!

  2. Yeah so far so good. I got to hear Kjel sing a solo...so it was so worth it! The other soloists were great too. I keep thinking of that Christmas movie where the little girl says "everytime a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings"....except I think it's "everytime Kjel sings and angel gets it's wings!" Tile is a charcoal/brown mix for the kitchen, it looked very nice against our hardwood and we will use that in the entry, and for the bathrooms we chose a lighter one, it's a light grey/light brown mix. So far no big fights about decisions! We decided to carpet the stairs to save some bucks...it would be almost $2000 to do hardwood on the stairs!


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