Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep your fingers, toes, and even your eyes crossed!

...and maybe knock on wood and say a little prayer, just to be safe! What I'm talking about is Kihei of course. She's 10 days "sober" in her rehabilitation of staying at home and not running away to Zak's farm, and I really hope we continue the trend! We've found that the key is to keep one of the dogs tied up or inside all the time. It's too bad they can't play together and explore off leash...but it's better than having one or both of them tied or locked up all the time. I'd say Kihei is off leash about 3 hours a day, mostly exploring/hunting in the coulee or in the pasture on the farm. I'm very happy that she comes home when we call her, and even when we let her out at night she jumps up at the back door to ask to come in like she used to. This makes me really, really happy because I never thought she'd be able to have freedom again. Taz comes over every morning to play with her, so that's nice too. Here's a picture of Kihei getting used to "life on the inside"! She definitely was not in the house this much last winter!

Kihei is really getting used to being inside all the time!
Well, we finally had a nice visit with Jay's parents tonight at their house over a yummy roast beef dinner. It hasn't been just the 4 of us for months, so it was nice for the visit. I was hoping tonight would be the night that Ray would finally be able to feel his future grandson/daughter kicking! Baby has been so active and pretty predictible with movements lately...but I think I ate too much and baby was as full as I was and needed a nap! Hopefully over Christmas the grandparents-to-be can feel the little one moving finally. Jay and I are just about done watching all 6 of the Star Wars movies, so I better go so we can finish watching Return of the Jedi. (I am my father's daughter!) 

P.S. Only 10 days until Christmas!!