Friday, December 18, 2009

Where Did The Week Go?

Is it really Friday already!? It's been busy this week and has just absolutely flown by. I've only worked one shift, an evening on Wednesday, but I've been on the go every other day. Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure to which the owner of the nail shop said "your design is on me! I like pregnant lady!" (he's Filipino and I got a design on my nails like I always do), and I had a massage, which I've been getting every 4 weeks this whole pregnancy (divine!). Then I rushed back home and we met Zakariasens at the studio stage in Rosebud for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". It was was okay, not quite for me. Then we came home for awhile and had a brief rest and headed back to Rosebud and had our annual dinner theatre supper with the Schultz family. Only Clarks and Joy were able to come this year with us and Jay's parents but it was still really fun, great food, and I enjoyed the play "Christmas in Wales" much more this time around.

So since we've been blessed with great weather for the latter half of this week, we have more house progess pictures to share!
View from the front.
Almost all the exterior walls are up, except for the very front wall as this is where they lift all the interior walls through I'm told, and they've made a lot of progress on the interior walls too. Our plumber finally was able to get a temporary furnace in the basement so we can get it heated to melt the snow that's accumulated there and then we can pour our basement floor. Jay has done so much work on the house, especially with the prep for the basement, I don't know where we'd be if he wasn't able to help out so much. It's getting a little overwhelming trying to think of what light fixtures, what vanity, what cabinets, color of paint, and even door knobs I want, and all those little details, but I guess it's better to start thinking about all that stuff now vs. when the baby comes in January.

This picture made me realize just how big our house is! Garage is on the far left, followed by the dining room and living room at the front.

I also just wanted to share this picture I took of Miles the other day. Brenda called over to tell us that outside our living room window that there were birds (not sure what kind, bigger than sparrows) playing in the tree. I often catch Miles staring out the window as he sits on the arm of the couch, I guess it's a form of entertainment to him, and she thought he might enjoy the show. So Jay and I coaxed him out of hiding (from under our bed near the heat registry) and we plopped him on the arm of the couch and he sure did enjoy the show! Ashamed, I must also admit that Miles gets so into the birds that visit this tree that Jay and I have both witnessed him running full tilt, pouncing, and proceeding to hit the window head first. Poor kitty!!

P.S. Only 1 week until Christmas!! Also.....we left Kihei out too long this morning and she wandered over to say hi to the framers :( She'd been doing sooooooooooo good, especially considering the nice weather we've had the last 2 days and that she can hear the guys working over at our site. Oh well, we'll keep on doing what we're doing.