Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh the relief!!

I feel like a million bucks!! I have gone for regular chiropractic care since spring of 2007. I have continued going about once per month since I got pregnant to keep everything in proper alignment, but my SI joint on my right side has been tight for months and months now. It's not painful, but just...annoying!! Well, today - relief!! My chiropractor finally was able to adjust it after literally trying to pull my right leg off! He adjusted the left SI joint adjusting me from my side, but the right was way too tight to do it from my side, so instead he adjusted it by pulling my leg a couple of times - he was really yanking on it, but I'm so thankful because it worked!

I also had a prental appointment today and all is still well! Baby remains head down and got a little excited today and the heart rate was 160! The only time it's been that high was in all 3 of my ultrasounds. I am still measuring the same, my fundal height growing about 1 cm every week. I'm gaining weight like a champ and I hope that most of it is going to baby! I want a nice little, chubby, healthy baby. I have one more"every 2 weeks" apointment at 36 weeks and then I see him every week until I'm due! I can't believe there's only 10 days left until Christmas Eve. We'll do what we always do and celebrate with my family and then come back to the farm for Christmas day. Christmas will sure be a lot different next year...I imagine it will be a lot more fun!!