Sunday, January 3, 2010

37 Weeks = FULL TERM!!

So all the weekly pregnancy websites and books say "you are full term, and due for delivery anytime." ANYTIME?! That is definitely the stage my brain is in, as of today, actually! Kind of anxious in anticipation. I feel like a ticking timebomb...but I don't know when the timer is set for! My mom carried me and Ben to 40 weeks, we were both delievered within a couple days of our due dates, but I sure have had enough friends deliver in the 37-39 week range to make me wonder if it will happen to me too. I just reeeeeally hope that I'm not overdue. I've still really had nothing to complain about at this point. I'm sleeping really well and if my lower back/hips start to ache, if I rest then they're good as new, but I'm starting to look really forward to meeting this little one who continues to move, shake, and jiggle like crazy in my belly! Speaking of which, here's a video I took today with my Christmas present that Jay got me!
I think my belly really popped out there this weekend. I don't feel huge, but it definitely looks bigger! I am done working night shifts now, I work a half shift tomorrow afternoon, have over a week off, and if I still feel good I'll work my last 2 shifts!! I just cannot believe that within 4 weeks we will be holding our little one in our arms! :)