Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Survival Guide!

So, I don't know it all. I'm a first-timer...heck, I'm not even done yet. But here's a few things I've learned that I can't live without this pregnancy, in no particular order....

Peanut butter was my best friend, and a staple in my pregnancy diet. I was very lucky to skip the whole nausea and morning sickness nightmares I've heard about...but I couldn't have lived without peanut butter! I've gone through at least 3 jars, mostly by myself!
This book was amazing and by far my favorite of all the pregnancy books I've read. It's easy to read, humorous, and tells you all the gross, disgusting things about what to expect in pregnancy that only your girlfriends would tell you...not your doctor!
This was also another great, funny book that I really enjoyed. Jenny really puts everything out there and if it weren't for reading this book I wouldn't have known a lot of the more disgusting things that pregnancy has to offer!
I couldn't have survived the first 2.5 trimesters of this pregnancy without my Lululemon pants! I bought a pair of the Elemental pants, they are more like fitted sweat pants, when I first found out I was pregnant...and I loved them so much that I invested in another pair. Sadly, I can't wear them anymore, as they kinda cut under my belly and are uncomfortable when I sit down now...but they were an essential in my wardrobe!

Speaking of clothing, this is the Tummy Sleeve from Motherhood Maternity. I started wearing it probably around 13/14 weeks. It's a stretchy band that's like the panel on maternity pants, but you can wear it over your "normal" pants and undo the button and zipper so you can wear them longer.

Continuing on with the clothing theme, it took awhile for these to fit me...but now they're the only jeans I can wear! They are another Motherhood Maternity find, the Secret Fit Belly jeans. The panel is wonderful, you can hardly feel it and you really can't see it through clothing - lovely!

And this is another last trimester must - for me! I think it's because I'm so tall, because my belly doesn't seem to be that big, but not a lot of my shirts fit anymore!! They don't cover my belly or they curl up at the bottom, which I HATE! But the solution I've found are these ruched shirts, also from Motherhood Maternity.

Nap, nap, nap! I am not a napper by trade, but during the first trimester I couldn't have survived without it! This is a time in your life to take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can...your body is doing a lot of work!!

I am so blessed with such wonderful girlfriends! I told my nursing girlfriends when I was only 6 weeks along, and I'm so glad that I did. I had some worries early on and it was so nice to have friends that were only a phone call away to talk to, ask questions, and ease my worries!

And of course, my Momsie!! We didn't tell our parents until the 11th week and it was so hard! We just didn't want to get them excited...and then something potentially bad might happen. I'm glad that we waited, but I can't count the number of times I've called my mom throughout this pregnancy and it sure has brought us closer together, which I truly cherish.

Speaking of my mom, if you are having a winter baby I highly, strongly recommend investing in an actual maternity jacket. They are actually quite stylish and are meant to fit your growing belly. The reason I mentioned my mom, is because she bought me this coat - thanks!!Prenatal massages!! I've been faithfully going every 4 weeks since the first trimester and I truly believe it has been beneficial...and a treat! I have been truly amazed that my body has done so well thus far during my pregnancy. With pre-existing back pain and hip pain I thought I would be doomed but with massage and chiropractic care, I've done very well!
So, I just mentioned it, but I've also been going to the chiropractor at least once a month for regular adjustments. I've mentioned before in previous posts that my SI joint gets particularly tight and chiropractic care has been the only true relief for it. I highly recommend it!
I'm sure there are many, many more things that I am forgetting (pregnancy brain!) but the most important thing that I've needed this pregnancy is...
The love and support from a husband...or a boyfriend....or a baby daddy! Whatever situation yours may bring you. Jay has been absolutely wonderful this whole pregnancy, whether he knows it or not and I couldn't imagine going through this at any other time with any other man.

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  1. I love you baby girl.... you're a pregnant rock star!! <3


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